Holistic Health & Functional Medicine

Holistic Health

  • Is concerned with consciously guiding and empowering the individual’s health journey in pursuit of the highest level of functioning and balance of the physical, environmental, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual aspects of human experience and transcendence of disease.
  • Having the highest regard for the whole person, versus treating a disease, is of paramount importance to relationship-centered care.
  • Innate healing power is promoted with the integration of prevention and use of clinically sound and synergistic health applications and co-designed to respect bio-individuality.
  • Enacting the healing power of love is key as unconditional love and acceptance, grace and kindness are powerful healing agents to bring incoherent dysfunction into a state of health and wholeness.
  • Teaching by example and standing in one’s Truth as expressions of health and life purpose are a means of positive lifestyle influences.
  • Learning opportunities are a two-way street, where the patient is the greatest teacher of the holistic practitioner.

Functional Medicine

Aims to locate and address the root causes of dis-ease in the body. Merely addressing signs and symptoms are not enough. Getting to the roots of health issues are where dis-ease originates.

Traveling upstream is often where we will identify root causes:

  • Nutrition – type and quantity of food, food preparation, nutrient composition, and GI status.
  • Environmental Exposures in air, water, including toxic chemicals, heavy metals, drugs, pathogens, EMFs, and allergic reactions to environment (animal dander, pollen, dust, etc.)
  • Psychological and Emotional issues, stresses related to family, work, economic status, community, and traumas: personal and ancestral.

Addressing these issues help to recover and liberate vital force that can be channeled towards health by

  • Toxin Removal by reducing/eliminating exposures and entry into the body, while
  • Drainage needs to be opened and cleared in order for toxins to exit; and 
  • Replenishing and nourishing organ function to help rebuild the body.