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Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition (DCN), Licensed Certified Dietitian Nutritionist (CDN), and Board Certified Clinical Nutrition Specialist (CNS®

Founder of NAMI Wellness and True Soul Nutrition


As a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and health care practitioner, I am fully committed to assist in optimizing your capacity for whole health and well-being. And I  honor the inherent potential to heal within each individual as I believe addressing your root causes of disease can liberate your vital forces of health and vitality.

Holistic Health is concerned with optimizing whole person health versus treating a disease. Holistic Health and Functional Medicine address the root cause of disease as both recognize individual uniqueness in biochemistry, mind, body and soul. Bio-individual support includes eliminating toxins, addressing infections/pathogens and replenishing and nourishing the body. 

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Uncovering the hidden and underlying causes of conditions is a primary focus. Using Bio-energetic testing and natural methods we will work together to prevent future illness, relieve symptoms, and reverse the progression of existing conditions by finding the root causes of health concerns – mind, body, and soul/spirit.

“Begin your journey back to vital health, harmony, and excitement for life – back to your True Soul”

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